Landfill Gas

ANGI can provide a number of compression products for landfill gas applications.

  • Fuel Gas Compressors for Internal Combustion Engines - Compressors are installed between the well field and engines and supply fuel gas to Caterpillar, Jenbacher, Waukesha or other landfill gas engine generators.  The compressors are typically Roots or Tuthill positive displacement blowers.  The packages include gas conditioning systems designed to specific customer requirements.
  • Fuel Gas Compressors for Gas Turbines or Offsite Gas Sales - ANGI can provide compressors to boost landfill gas pressure to feed gas turbines or to supply a pipeline for offsite gas sales.  Typically these applications require dewatering and filtration.  ANGI can design and provide treatment systems to handle these requirements.
  • Landfill Gas Collection - Blowers are often used to take landfill gas from the gas well field to either a flare or Fuel Gas Compressor.  ANGI can provide the blower packages, gas treatment systems and control system for this application.