2015 - ANGI Appoints New Company President - Jason Lund 

2014 - Gilbarco Veeder-Root Acquires ANGI Energy Systems 

2013 - Questar Fueling with ANGI supplied equipment opens nation's largest CNG station in Houston, TX

2013 - Waste Management opens first ANGI equipped CNG refueling station in St. Louis, Missouri

2013 - Questar Fueling wins two Frito-Lay CNG station projects with ANGI equipment

2013 - Kwik Trip, Inc. orders ANGI equipment for 14 stations

2013 - ANGI provides complete station equipment to Questar Fueling for Swift Transportation and Central Freight Lines Heavy Duty Fleets

2012 - ANGI relocates U.S. Headquarters to Janesville, Wisconsin

2012 - The City of Dublin uses ANGI equipment for their first CNG station project

2012 - Kwik Trip, Inc. orders ANGI equipment for 12 stations

2012 - The City of Janesville completes their Biogas-to-Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Project with ANGI

2012 - ANGI aids the Department of Workforce Development on a pilot program to reduce unemployment in nearby Wisconsin Counties

2011 - Kwik Trip, Inc. places first CNG station equipment order with ANGI

2011 - Andy Grimmer, President, joins advisory group to the State Energy Office

2011 - The largest operator of CNG fueling stations in Oklahoma, Oncue Express, opens three new stations with ANGI equipment

2011 - Andy Grimmer, President of ANGI, named U.S. Delegate to the NGV Industry Workshop and Forum on ISO standards

2011 - ANGI receives the 2011 U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) Project of the Year Award for BioCNG

2010 - First high pressure nitrogen gas compression packages delivered to customer in Saudi Arabia

2010 - Introduced minimized footprint package using an Ariel 4 throw compressor

2010 - Completed landfill gas blower packages to feed gas turbines

2009 - Opened subsidiary office in China

2009 - 50th compressor package in 14 years to customer in Egypt

2009 - First ANGI process compressor for CO2 reinjection in Europe

2008 - First Natural Gas turbine feed rotary screw compressors for electrical generation

2008 - 43 stations delivered to customer in Malaysia

2006 - First ANGI NGV stations delivered to Pakistan, Jordan & Bangladesh

2005 - ANGI's first vapor compression system in operation in Ecuador

2005 - ANGI's first wellhead gas compression systems in operation in Brazil.  Other wellhead gas compression systems delivered to China, Colombia and the United States

2004 - Awarded a Certificate of Special Recognition from United States Senator Russ Feingold as the recipient of the "Wisconsin Small Business Exporter of the Year Award"

2004 - Receives the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) Wisconsin District Office and Midwest Regional SBA Champion Award for "Small Business Exporter of the Year" 

2003 - First ANGI packages deliver to Clean Energy

2003 - First ANGI Screw-Cip packages commissioned at MTBA in Boston

2002 - Awarded dispenser technology development project by Gas Technology Institute

2001 - Receives "Governor's Export Achievement Award - Small Industrial"

2001 - First ANGI stations delivered to Malaysia, Thailand and Europe

2001 - Became technical partner with MicroMotion

2001 - Introduced minimized footprint package using Ariel 2 throw compressor

2000 - Developed NG50 compressor and package

2000 - First ANGI station delivered to Korea

2000 - Designed and installed advanced transit fueling station in Atlanta

1998 - First ANGI stations delivered to Indonesia, China and Brazil

1998 - Introduced 10 scfm compressor package 

1997 - First ANGI station started in Mexico

1997 - Formed consortium to implement major CNG program in Venezuela

1997 - Developed a broad control package using a modem with every compressor station

1996 - ANGI's first major program outside USA with customer in Egypt

1994 - Introduced RIX 4VX compressors

1992 - Developed the first electronic sequencing dispenser in USA market

1991 - First dedicated NGV packager using Ariel compressors

1987 - First ANGI refueling system for forklifts

1986 - First ANGI NGV package commissioned

1984 - Introduced "packaged" NGV refueling systems

1983 - ANGI Incorporated focusing on NGV vehicle conversions