ANGI NG50E compressors feature modular design for site integration and on-skid PLC controls. Optional sound attenuation is available for noise sensitive installations. Custom designs can integrate dryer, storage, valve panel, and dispenser on a common skid.

Range :  50 to 70 scfm (85/125 Nm3/hr)
Driver :  Electric motor
Model :  ANGI model 50 compressor
Stages :  4 stage compression
Skid :  Compact skid design

ANGI NG50 Series

ANGI NG50 series compressors are typically integrated in our time-fill and combination-fill systems. While often designed with multiple compressor units on a common skid, the NG50 is also available as a single unit. Our custom application engineering team can determine what configuration is most efficient for your scenario and best fits your needs.

What is Time-fill?

What is Combination Fast-fill and Time-fill?