ANGI manufactures a suite of purpose-built, value-engineered compression and de-pressurization (decanting) systems for biogas/renewable natural gas (RNG) to pipeline and tube-trailer loading/unloading.

  • Compression solutions from 50 to 900 BHP
  • Systems designed for both biogas to pipeline applications and high-pressure tube trailer loading & unloading. (decanting)
  • Advanced PLC control packages with highly flexible capacity control systems.
  • Variable Output Control Systems to coincide with production output and maximize efficiency.
  • Both standard & customized solutions developed by ANGI’s team of engineers.
  • Heavy-duty compression rated for both continuous and intermittent duty cycles using Ariel compressors and leveraging ANGI’s time-proven NG300E/NG600E/NG900E platforms.
  • Controls and communication can be highly customized to suit the customer's needs

ANGI provides compression solutions for delivering clean biogas and RNG from water treatment plants, landfills, animal waste facilities, and anaerobic digestion facilities to our customers' sales point, whether that be direct to pipeline or supplying RNG to an NGV fueling facility.