ANGI offers a broad range of control packages using highly advanced PLC and microprocessor technology. The standard control products are specifically designed for compression and NGV applications. ANGI can also create interfaces with other PLCs such as Allen-Bradley or Horner and create custom solutions requiring SCADA or other data transfer.

ANGI's control products include:

  • Compressor Controls to start and stop the compressor(s) while monitoring critical pressures, temperatures and levels. The standard control system has a hazardous rating of Class 1, Division 2, Group D and is mounted on the compressor skid, therefore eliminating most of the site connections required with remote PLCs.  There is also a local graphical interface and the system is capable of remote access through internet.
  • Gas Management Controls direct gas from the compression systems to storage and dispensing systems.  They can control priority and sequencing functions.
  • Dispenser Controls to accurately meter the flow of gas through the dispenser and provide an accurate, temperature compensated shutoff for both buffer and 3-bank operation.  The standard dispenser control system has a hazardous rating of Class 1, Division 1, Group D and is mounted within the dispenser.  The standard dispenser controls can interface with common fuel management systems.
  • Fully Integrated systems have a distributed control architecture using ANGI's standard control systems for compressor(s), gas management and dispenser(s) and a master control function to seamlessly integrate the individual controller.  This arrangement is modular and allows for easily expanding the systems.


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