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Encore Dispensers

Encore® CNG offers a familiar interface to your customers, a seamless experience from gasoline to CNG fueling, and provides you a seamless integration with your existing forecourt controller. It provides a safe, fast and complete fill with maximum flexibility and connectivity to the ANGI compression system.


  • Safe, fast, and complete fill: Temperature-compensated fill rate with optimized, electronically controlled filling software. Positive shut-off, actuated ball valves with hydrocarbon and motion sensors provide industry-leading safety.

  • Seamless integration: Ties to your existing forecourt controller — minimizes impact to your site payment network and saves the cost of a separate POS system.

  • Remote connectivity: Integrates with the ANGI compression system to provide three possible tiers of remote monitoring and configuration capabilities. Increase your site uptime with our connectivity.

  • Familiar interface: Increase throughput, streamline transactions, shorten wait time, and enhance your customer’s experience with Encore’s familiar interface and intuitive design. Available in 1-sided or 2-sided models.

  • Maximum flexibility: Configurable for 3-Bank or Direct-fill site configurations. One dispenser for hi-flow and standard flow applications — fill cars or buses from the same dispenser and increase throughput for your site.

  • Single and Dual Hose Designs
  • One, Two, or Three-bank Sequencing
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Metering
  • Internal Microprocessor Controller
  • Electronic Temperature Compensation and Sequencing
  • NGV Type 1 or Type 2 Nozzles
  • Certified for Weights and Measures
  • High Flow Transit Dispensers Available

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