Engineered Compression

Engineered Compression

ANGI has a wide range of standard compression products. One of ANGI's core capabilities is the ability to engineer and fabricate compression equipment to specific customer or application requirements.

Engineered compressor products are those that fall outside of ANGI's standard product line, but are products ANGI has the engineering and manufacturing capacity to produce. Engineered compressor products are used for specifications that include:

  • Process gases other than methane - ANGI's process gas compressor product line is specifically engineered for each customer application.
  • Unique technical requirements - These applications may require combinations of compression technology, special gas conditioning, or separation requirements, as well as cooling requirements other than air cooled heat exchangers.
  • Specific componentry - some customers require specific manufacturers and models of components; possibly, components ANGI does not use in our standard product lines.

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