The ANGI NG100E FleetPro is a fully packaged, quick-deployment CNG System that allows for simplified installation and operation. At the heart of the integrated package are duplex Ariel CNG Compressors, designed for low to mid-range inlet pressures, while optimizing maximum flow performance. This package offers unrivaled flexibility to small and medium sized refuse, vocational, municipal, and other fleet operations – developed with ANGI and Ariel’s proven products, which are known for quality, durability, and the lowest total cost of ownership.


  • Integrated Proven Design: This package is a fully integrated design which greatly reduces construction scope, mobilization time, and cost. This package also boasts ANGI and Ariel’s design expertise in offering rapidly deployable systems that don’t sacrifice dependable operation.
  • Mobilization: The FleetPro is designed for simple installation and demobilization — allowing flexibility to users for easy relocation if the fleet needs change.
  • Flexibility: ANGI NG100E offers an unmatched range of inlet pressures in a lower horsepower CNG Fueling System.
  • Sufficient storage to defuel one (1) typical truck without venting any gas to atmosphere.
  • Available storage to facilitate one (1) typical fast fill.
  • 2-Hose next generation defueling panel and a fast fill hose assembly on-skid.
  • 100 BHP Electric Motors (or optional 125 BHP), 480VAC, 1800 RPM.
  • Protective sound attenuating enclosure with interior lighting and gas detection.
Range :  Up To 270 scfm (434 Nm3/hr) per Compressor
Driver :  Electric Motor
Model :  Ariel KB100 Compressor
Skid :  Conventional or integrated designs

FleetPro Options

  • Single Tower Dryer with Manual Regeneration
  • CP-400 Remote Monitoring System with ANGI CNG Live! Mobile App access
  • ANGI Fast Fill / Buffer / Time Fill Valve Panel
  • Temperature compensated Fast Fill Hose featuring automatic activation
  • Defueling Panel with dual hose connection
  • ANGI NG100E FleetPro Storage System utilizes custom ASME storage to provide flexible balance for emergency intermittent fast-filling and defueling capabilities
  • Storage System includes volumetric capacity to conduct a defuel event without venting methane to atmosphere
  • Storage System can be utilized as a fast fill buffer reservoir and/or a defueling captive receiver
  • Construction for applicable Canadian codes and requirements (575VAC, CSA Components, CRN for pressure containing components as required)

    Also available in a Non-Integrated package as a Stand-Alone Single or Duplex Skid

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