The NG300 Compressor features Ariel’s JGP/2 or JGQ/2 Compressor Block. These units operate at the rated RPM of the driver, which offers maximum efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and lowers energy costs. With a high-pressure inlet, these compressors can produce up to 2,000 scfm.

A Duplex Skid is a common configuration for the NG300E. This arrangement features two complete NG300E units in a common enclosure on a double length skid. The duplex package is most beneficial when real estate is limited.

Custom designs can integrate Dryer, Storage, Valve Panel, and Dispenser on a common skid. The consolidation of equipment on a common skid saves both time during installation and connection materials required at the site.

Range :  Up To 2,000 scfm (3,125 Nm3/hr)
Driver :  Electric Motor or Natural Gas Engine
Model :  Ariel JGM/2, JGP/2, JGN/2, or JGQ/2 Compressor
Stages :  Available in 2, 3, or 4 stage configurations
Skid :  Conventional, Duplex, Integrated, Mother or Daughter Station designs

Also available in non-enclosure design.
More information about NGV Standard Station Design


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