NG600E/G & NG900E/G

When customers have substantial fueling requirements, we call on the NG600/900 product line. This Compressor skid features Ariel’s JG/4, JGA/4, or JGA/6 Compressor Block and houses drivers up to 900 horsepower. The NG600/900 is designed and optimized for high-capacity, large volume users.

All of ANGI's Compressor products satisfy the world’s highest quality standards with ISO-9001 and are specifically designed for the CNG Fueling Industry and the NGV Refueling Industry.

Range :  Up To 6,000 scfm (9,648 Nm3/hr)
Driver :  Electric Motor or Natural Gas Engine driven
Model :  Ariel JG/4, JGA/4, or JGA/6 Compressor
Stages :  Available in 3, 4, or 5 stage configurations
Skid :  Conventional or Mother Station designs


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