Once installation of a CNG facility is complete, it is important to bring that station to design capacity as quickly as possible using safe and effective commissioning practices. Training the facility operator is also a very important part of commissioning.

ANGI or ANGI's approved personnel commissions every station we build. A thorough inspection of the equipment is made at the site to ensure there was no shipping damage and that it is installed properly. ANGI then confirms that the gas inlet system is adjusted properly and there are no gas leaks in gas piping and tubing. The next step is to ensure that all electrical connections are made properly. When the equipment starts up, ANGI ensures that it runs and performs properly. Temperatures, pressures, amperage and other operating parameters are checked.

Throughout the commissioning process, ANGI is working closely with the people assigned to operate and monitor the equipment. Working hands-on with the operator's own equipment is one of the best training opportunities available. Often, on-site classroom training is also scheduled near the time of startup in order to provide some training exposure to a larger group of people associated with the CNG station.