Class size is limited:

    • Maximum of 10 Students - Intro to CNG Training
    • Maximum of 8 Students - Advanced CNG Training

Introduction to CNG Operation & Maintenance

This course is targeted to CNG Mechanics, Service Technicians & Operators, CNG Contractors, Project Managers, and anyone interested in a career within the CNG industry. Executive Management will also find this course useful when exploring the benefits of CNG.

2024 Introduction to CNG Operation & Maintenance will be held the weeks of:

March     4 - 7
May     6 - 9
July         15 - 18
September         16 - 19
November         18 - 21

Advanced CNG training

This course is for experienced technicians and completion of our "Introduction to CNG Operation & Maintenance" is required to take this course.

2024 Advanced CNG Operation & Maintenance will be held the weeks of:

April     8 - 11
June     10 - 13
August         12 - 15
October         14 - 17

Both classes are held at the Janesville, Wisconsin facility and consist of three full and one half days of classroom and hands-on training.

Mondays the class will start at 1:00pm CST to allow for morning travel
Tuesday - Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m CST
Friday morning will be available for extra instruction if requested

The cost is $2,000 per training & per attendee
Snacks, beverages and lunch will be provided Tuesday through Thursday, please make ANGI trainer aware of any dietary restrictions you may have.

Items to bring:
-Safety-toed footwear
-Safety glasses
-Reading glasses (if you require them)
-Notetaking materials
-Multimeter (only required for ANGI Advanced class)

**Class attendees may be moved to the next class if enrollment interests volume is low on a given date. ANGI will reach out if this is the case.

NEW in 2024!

There is a dispenser training being offered as need basis. The focus of ANGI’s CNG dispenser course is to expand the knowledgebase and enhance the troubleshooting skills of those working in the CNG industry. The class engages extensively in mechanical and electrical operation of both ANGI Series II and Encore dispensers. This class will equip each student with the confidence needed to safely work with these complex pieces of CNG equipment. Expect to learn every subject from gas process, electrical troubleshooting strategies, use of ANGI’s proprietary Series II software as well as commissioning practices

This class is ideal for experienced maintenance personnel, Site Operators, Field Service Engineers, and Service Technicians.

Prior CNG system training and adequate field experience
Knowledge of computers and operating systems
Service laptop with series II software installed (software is free from ANGI)
RS232 serial adaptor cable

To register for a class please contact our Customer Service Team at 800-934-5219 or Send Email to our training team.


Training is one of the most important elements of a successful CNG installation.  The people who operate the equipment need a very good understanding of how CNG systems work, how to perform routine maintenance and how to troubleshoot problems.  The most important part of training is understanding how to safely perform these functions.

ANGI offers a number of different types of training opportunities:

  • Training at our Factory - ANGI holds week-long training sessions at the factory.  Introduction & Advanced CNG Operation & Maintenance - This training combines classroom and hands-on sessions.
  • Factory Test - Customers and operators are encouraged to visit ANGI during testing of their equipment.  ANGI will familiarize the operators with the equipment, startup and shutdown during full load testing at ANGI's factory acceptance test.
  • Commissioning - During commissioning, ANGI works closely with the site operators giving some of the best, hands-on training possible.
  • Training for Specific Customer Needs - Some of our customers have unique training requirements.  ANGI can create a training program to address their specific needs.