Site Design & Construction

Site Design & Construction


The compressor package design and fabrication is critical to the success of a CNG project. Equally important is the integration of the components into a functional and cost effective design for the site.

Key elements of the site design include:

  • Orientation and layout of all the site equipment to efficiently fill vehicles.
  • Specification and routing of gas piping systems supplying low pressure gas and interconnecting major pieces of equipment.
  • Specification of electrical supply from electrical utilities.
  • Design of interconnection of all controls.
  • Proper design and review of all safety systems.
  • Insuring compliance with applicable codes and standards.

ANGI has participated in a range of roles in the site design of hundreds of CNG stations around the world. This experience benefits customers of this service by improving the function of the facility and reducing installation costs.



Construction of a CNG facility can be a significant task. Construction cost and schedule can be the most demanding elements of a CNG project. If construction is delayed, vehicles may need fuel from a facility that is not available.

CNG has unique requirements and construction techniques that many new owners, engineering consultants and contractors have not been exposed to. ANGI can bridge the information gap by providing construction support in a variety of ways:

  • To Facility Owners: ANGI can provide technical information throughout construction, assistance to construction supervision and training of local construction managers.
  • To Engineering Consultants: Create or review construction specifications, review contractor submittals, and perform site reviews.
  • To General Contractors and Subcontractors: ANGI can work closely with general contractors to review proposals from subcontractors, review QA/QC plans, review project documents, and perform periodic visits to review progress.