Specification Development

What are the CNG requirements for the site? How large of a compressor is required? How many dispensers are needed? Is a natural gas dryer required?

These are all questions whose answers depend on the application. ANGI has designed nearly 2000 CNG stations worldwide. Each system is designed for the specific site. In many cases, ANGI works with a CNG user to develop the most cost effective equipment solution that meets the fueling requirements.

This specification process can include:

  • Sizing the compressor using the maximum inlet pressure available at the site
  • Considering cost/benefit of engine vs. electric driven compression
  • Optimizing the capacity of compression and storage
  • Determining the flow requirements and number of dispensers required
  • Providing options for gas drying
  • Contributing to the site layout to insure proper access for operation
  • All other technical elements to the design of a CNG fueling station

Benefits of these systems include: recovering valuable hydrocarbons, reducing VOC emissions, and reducing odors.