Daughter Stations are installed where a CNG fill station is desired, but there is no natural gas supply. Gas is delivered to the station by mobile storage. A daughter station compressor increases the pressure from the trailer’s gas and transfers it to ground storage. The mobile storage serves as the supply gas for the initial fueling process and then the system utilizes the ground storage to complete the temperature compensated fill.

ANGI daughter stations can be designed to:

Compression Systems – Daughter stations are typically designed to maximize removal of gas from mobile storage. Other systems are designed to minimize transfer time or to minimize power used during transfer. ANGI has designed daughter stations of each type.

Gas Management – The gas management system will fill ground storage from the tube trailer. As CNG is dispensed, it will equalize the pressure between the vehicle and the tube trailer. Once equalized, the cycle will complete the temperature compensated fill using the CNG in the ground storage and/or the compressor.