Mother Station

Mother stations are used to fill large volumes of CNG into mobile tube trailers The CNG is then transported via a virtual pipeline. A mother station will generally be located near a natural gas supply or a utility pipeline. Mobile storage allows transportation of natural gas to a site that does not have access to natural gas. Typical applications where mother stations are used are to supply gas: daughter stations, industrial gas uses, and gas distribution systems.

ANGI's extensive experience designing mother stations includes:

Compression Systems – ANGI can design a mother station to fully utilize the available pipeline gas pressure and discharge CNG to required pressure and flow rates. ANGI also designs systems that combine trailer filling with a complete NGV fueling station.

Gas Management Systems – ANGI’s application team will review the customer’s fueling requirements and customize a filling sequence, which may include a queue of tube trailers or coordinating tube trailer filling with a complete NGV fueling station. These gas management systems are designed for extremely high flow rates and capable of temperature compensated filling.

Mother Station