Fast-Fill Station

Standard, conventional, or online stations are descriptions of similar types of CNG stations. Typical fast-fill stations take natural gas from a utility pipeline, compress it, and dispense it into natural gas vehicles or NGV’s. ANGI has designed standard CNG stations for fleets of all sizes, as well as a range of various sizes for public fueling.

Compression Systems – ANGI can design systems for every standard CNG station application. Some of the key design parameters are: single compressor or multiple compressors for redundancy and additional capacity; pipeline gas pressure available; natural gas engine or electric motor to drive the compressor; noise requirements of the area; and, most importantly, the vehicle fill requirements.

Gas Management – After compression, delivery of CNG can be prioritized to ground storage, vehicle dispensers, or specific dispensers. There are various valving methods used for fast fill designs. The key to developing the optimum gas management system is understanding the customer’s fueling requirements and designing around those parameters.

Dispensers – ANGI produces several standard dispensers starting with the most basic, non-metered hose post to multiple hose, high flow dispensers. ANGI also provides custom dispensers for specific applications.

Fast-Fill Station