ANGI builds rotary screw compressor packages in sizes ranging from 25 to 800 horsepower.

For larger natural gas units, ANGI primarily uses Vilter compressors and integrates them into a proprietary design which includes the oil cooler and the separator. This design reduces the footprint of the machine and provides for very effective oil separation.

Depending on site requirements and customer preferences, ANGI can also package rotary screw compressors from other manufacturers such as Gardner-Denver.

ANGI's rotary screw compressor designs can be easily integrated as a booster to an ANGI reciprocating compressor. The combined screw-reciprocating compressor package offers a wide range of operating conditions, including operation at very low inlet gas pressures. The controls can be integrated so the units perform well together.

The rotary screw packages are built with similar design requirements, components, and manufacturing processes as ANGI’s reciprocating compressors; therefore, provide the same high reliability that is found in ANGI's reciprocating packages.

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