COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

ANGI Energy Systems is closely monitoring updates regarding COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our employees and to minimize the impact on our customers.

The COVID-19 coronavirus is having a profound impact on every industry – including ours. We are aware of the uncertainty and want to share what we’re doing here at ANGI to help address this situation. We continue to operate our business to support the critical infrastructure that our customers provide, and at the same time, we are taking several steps to protect our employees and our community.

Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and well-being of our employees and their families, ANGI has banned non-essential travel globally in addition to banning all international travel. We have also required all employees to disclose personal travel, including travel on cruises, per the CDC recommendations.

Any exceptions to travel ban will require senior leadership approval and will be limited to only instances that are essential to business operation and that can only be accomplished in person – and not via remote communication – and which do not create any undue health risks.

At ANGI’s facility in Janesville, WI, we have employed measures to reduce person-to-person contact to minimize and potential spread of the virus. This “social distancing” has been implemented to reduce contact among individuals and ensure workspaces are not congested, large group meetings are not held, and the concentration of people in close spaces is minimized. With these goals in mind, we are taking a variety of steps to stagger breaks and lunch breaks, conduct virtual meetings, and ensure work areas are less concentrated. In addition, we have implemented visitor restrictions, banned meetings with more than 10 people in a room, and augmented cleaning protocols, among other measures.

Additionally, while the facility continues to operate given our role enabling and supporting critical infrastructure, we have identified those groups of workers who are able to do their jobs remotely and made that move, to reduce the number of people in the Janesville facility. The goal of this action is to guard the health and safety for all employees who are required to be in the facility to ensure production continues with minimal interruption.

In short, we have taken a broad set of actions to ensure that the ANGI facility continues to be safe for employees while being able to continue our operations to meet our customers’ needs. ANGI has assembled a team focused on closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure we follow the latest directives from local, state, and federal health officials. We are also working with our supply chain for visibility into potential issues and to generate countermeasures where needed.

At this time, ANGI continues to operate at full capacity in our Janesville facility, and we continue to provide maintenance services in the field if we can perform those services without creating undue health risks. We currently anticipate maintaining operations and field service to support our customers and their critical infrastructure. We are mindful that this situation continues to evolve, and we will communicate changes as they occur.